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Projektory Panasonic kompatybilne z nowym serwerm Pixera od AV Stumpfl

Panasonic and AV Stumpfl® have announced a technical collaboration at ISE 2019, which will see full compatibility between the newly launched PIXERA media server and Panasonic’s high brightness projector line up.

ISE 2019 – Panasonic stawia na technologię laserową

Panasonic Business has used ISE 2019 as a platform to introduce its full transition to laser in high brightness projection with the addition of two 4K laser units, alongside the expansion of its 4K display range. 

Nowe monitory Panasonic z najcieńszą ramką na rynku

Panasonic is set to release two high end professional LCD video wall displays with the world's thinnest bezel to bezel, of just 0.88mm, and advanced colour management.

ISE 2019: 10 nowych monitorów 4K od Panasonic

Panasonic has bolstered its 4K display line up, with the expansion of the premium SQ1 series and the brand new entry range CQ1 series set to complete the company’s line up of 4K digital signage solutions, which now meets the needs of the entire market.

Nowy projektor laserowy 4K o dużej jasności od Panasonic: PT-RQ100

Panasonic has used ISE 2019 to announce a brand new 1-Chip DLP™ 4K laser projector featuring 10,000 lumens brightness and enhanced colour technology, making it particularly suited to immersive environments.

Panasonic prezentuje projektor 4K o jasności 50 000 lumenów

Panasonic has announced the launch of the world’s first single body 50,000 lumens 3-Chip DLPTM SOLID SHINE laser projector  with True 4K resolution, providing new potential for creating transcendent experiences across live events and themed entertainment.

Panasonic zwiększa możliwości swoich projektorów dzięki obiektywom z zerowym offsetem

Panasonic has announced details of three new zero offset lenses for its range of 1-Chip and 3-Chip DLP™ projectors, including a world’s first UST lens to feature a powered optical zoom.

5-metrowa rzeźba projekcyjna Barta Kresy zadebiutuje na ISE 2019

Panasonic Business and Integrated Systems Europe will join forces to bring master projection designer Bart Kresa’s newest projection mapping showpiece to over 100,000 people during ISE 2019. 

Panasonic: projektory o wysokiej jasności tylko w technologii laserowej

Panasonic has announced it will move its complete high brightness projection range to laser, with the discontinuation of the PT-DZ21K projector series, enabling lower maintenance and greater reliability in the rental and staging market.

Panasonic prezentuje najmniejsze przenośne projektory laserowe 6000 lumenów

Panasonic has announced the launch of a portable LCD laser projector range with the smallest and lightest dimensions in its lumens’ class.

Panasonic zapowiada nowości i wiele atrakcji na ISE 2019

Panasonic’s presence at ISE 2019 will see it promise customers the Freedom to Create, with a range of reliable technologies that provide creative freedom to those involved in Visual and ProAV technologies allowing them to push the boundaries across live entertainment, public displays, education and collaboration.

Panasonic prezentuje wielodotykowe ściany wideo

Panasonic has launched a new ShadowSense touchscreen video wall solution, offering full customisation with high visibility, performance, and reliability.

Panasonic wprowadził na rynek wielkoformatowe wyświetlacze 4K z serii EQ1

Panasonic releases complete 4K display line-up. Panasonic has released a new range of 4K professional displays, with a six model series providing high...

Panasonic wprowadził na rynek najmniejszy i najlżejszy na świecie projektor 4K+

PT-RQ22K to projektor 3-Chip DLP wyposażony w technologię laserową Solid Shine.

Panasonic prezentuje kompaktowy projektor laserowy o jasności 8,5 tys. lumenów

Panasonic has complemented its existing 1-Chip DLPTM range of SOLID SHINE laser projectors with the launch of the PT-RZ870, providing 8,500 lumens brightness at up to WUXGA resolution.

Panasonic zaprezentował nowe wielkoformatowe wyświetlacze 4K

Panasonic Business is set to introduce a new, large format 4K professional display series at InfoComm 2018.

Pokaz dzieł Michała Anioła przygotowany przy użyciu najnowszych technologii

Panasonic’s audiovisual technology has recreated the magnificence of the Sistine Chapel for a new immersive, multi-sensory stage-show at the Auditorium Conciliazione of Rome.

FuoriSalone 2018: Panasonic świętuje swoje 100-lecie

Panasonic has celebrated its 100th anniversary with a visually powerful and dramatic installation at Fuorisalone 2018, which takes place from the 17th - 22nd April 2018, at the Palazzo di Brera.

prolight + sound 2018

prolight+sound 2018. Giving you the freedom to create spectacular shows Panasonic products and technologies are designed with one thing in mind: giving you...

Panasonic i Panopto współpracują nad rozwiązaniami do rejestrowania wykładów i szkoleń

Panasonic Business has announced a technical collaboration with all-in-one video platform supplier Panopto, working together to provide turnkey video platform solutions for universities and businesses.

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