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Presentation & Collaboration Solutions

The ability to easily share, collaborate and present information has never been more important, whether it’s in business or in the classroom.

Social and business trends are converging to change the way we work. The arrival of Generation Z in the workforce has bought with them raised expectations. They demand the same intuitive technology, that they already enjoy in their home life, as this enables them to perform at their best.

The prevalence of bringing your own device (BYOD) policies has increased the variety of mobile devices in use across organisations and has created the need for fast, open, and preferably wireless connectivity to systems.

The move away from formal presentations to collaborative and huddle workspaces has also influenced the technology required in these areas. Wireless, one-touch, multimedia capable systems for group working is becoming the norm. As well as the need to instantly collaborate and communicate with colleagues and customers remotely.

Panasonic has a range of communication, collaboration, and presentation solutions designed to meet the needs of this modern workplace. Our wireless presentation systems allow the workforce to simply arrive, connect, and share their screens at the touch of a button, with the latest 4k visual clarity and audio quality.  They eliminate technology frustrations, remove complicated wiring, and enable ideas and information to be shared quickly - boosting creativity and productivity.

Our interactive displays and whiteboards bring visual content to life and enable real-time collaboration in the room or over the web by annotating content on screen. Our video conferencing solutions are integrated and optimised to work straight out of the box in your modern workspace environment.

Discover which of our latest presentation and collaboration solutions is right for your organisation and how it can become the bedrock of your agile business.