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Advanced LED Displays for Businesses

Panasonic advanced LED displays designed for intensive professional use

Panasonic Visual Solutions has been relentlessly perfecting technologies that free you to create the ultimate visual experiences. Now, as the world moves 4K, we’re keeping you one step ahead of it – combining bright, crisp 4K resolution with the ultra-reliable qualities and expandability you’ve come to expect from our LED display technology. Panasonic is pioneering in adopting future proofed Intel SDM function slot on its advanced SQ1 displays, providing freedom and efficiency in upgradeability, installation and management.

High durability and expandability all in 4K resolution

Our 4K LED display monitors are already being used in a wide range of professional environments including public information displays, store signage, rental and staging, broadcast studios and meetings rooms. Thanks to their high impact resistance and a 24/7 operation capability, they withstand the toughest conditions. So they can be relied on to perform wherever information delivery is critical, like train stations, airports, shopping centres and control and meeting rooms.

The series is equipped with a next generation function slot which is adaptable to Intel® Smart Display Module (Intel® SDM) specifications and enables signage to be operated with a third-party built-in PC. The displays also feature a 4K USB media player with playlist editing function. Failover and failback function immediately switches the system to alternative signals if the main video and audio signals are interrupted. Multi-monitoring and control software support stable operation and reduces the hassle of maintaining and managing devices on the intranet. The series also features a multi input screen capability with no processor required. An ideal function for meeting, conference and control rooms and for broadcast studios.

All screens in this range feature DIGITAL LINK, allowing the transmission of high-quality video, audio and control signals over long distances (up to 150m) with a single LAN cable.

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